Here we go. 2 weeks of marathon training down. I’ll be honest, I am EXCITED. I know, I know – it’s about to get WAY harder. But for now I feel great. I’m enjoying my weekday runs and Saturday LRs. Even kicked in some race pace miles this week. BQ pace, obviously, but more on that later. Remind me of this feeling 8 weeks from now, please.

Still kicking it in at the gym too. And looking fine while I do it. Check out those faces.


Monday 10.13

  • 8 mile run, 8:50 average pace + strides for some speed work. I had Monday off for Columbus day – win! This meant I could run in the DAYLIGHT. Got rained on during some miles in the middle. But I won’t complain. I got to sleep in.

Tuesday 10.14

  • AM Crossfit
    • 15 min clean complex: 1 clean pull, 1 clean RDL, 1 hang power clean, 1:30 rest between sets
    • WOD, 15 minutes to cycle through:
      1 sled pull + 1 sled push for 50′
      10 power cleans @ 135/95#
      Rest 2:00
  • I liked this class a lot. Worked up to 85# for the clean complex and then really pushed myself in the WOD. I scaled to 65# for the power cleans and worked up to 3 45# plates on the sled, and IT WAS KILLING ME. But everybody else in my group was using that weight on the sled, so dammit I was too! The audience during workouts like this really make me push myself. Love that feeling.
  • PM Trail Run Tuesday in Schenley Park with Cass. 4 (not) easy miles. During this run I reflected on how it’s been 5 months since we started our TRT tradition and my legs STILL HATE running in the PM.

Wednesday 10.15

  • AM Crossfit, again
    • 5 rounds: 4 pull-ups with a 5 sec descent
    • 10 minutes to find 1RM strict press
    • WOD, 4 RFT:
      4 strict presses @ 90% of today’s 1 RM
      40 DU
    • 1:00 rest, then cash out: 30 ring dips
  • Holy man. Those presses – u.g.l.y. I maxed out at 70# and used 60# for the WOD. Seriously hard. By the 3rd round I was putting the bar in the rack to rest between every rep. I used a band for the ring dips and finished in 10:45. My shoulders were cooked.

Thursday 10.16

  • 6 mile run, 9:13 average pace. Nice, cool, and dry morning.

Friday 10.17

  • AM Crossfit. I said last week how I’ve been enjoying our extended WODs on Friday mornings. This week was a good one.
    • WOD
      • Buy in: 500m row
      • 3 rounds:
        5 deadlifts @ 275/185# or 65% 1 RM deadlift
        10 TTB
      • Run 800 meters
      • 15 burpee pullups
        30 DU
        15 KB swings @ 53/36#
        10 burpee pull-ups
        40 DU
        20 KB swings
        5 burpee pull-ups
        50 DU
        25 KB swings
  • Took me 21:20, used 135# for the deadlifts. If I hadn’t already done this workout, I would definitely bookmark this one for an open gym. It was good. I left proud for making myself touch my toes to the bar every time during the TTB. I can – I just get lazy. No more laziness for me. I have no excuse. ESPECIALLY when I wear my Doughnuts & Deadlifts shirt.

Saturday 10.18

  • I had an awesome LR on Saturday. No SCRR group run, so I met up with Les and some other ladies for our own run. I had 14 miles on the agenda, with 6-8 of them at race pace. Lesley held us to a solid 8:10 and those miles felt SO GOOD. Did all 8. Enjoyed the leaves even though it was a gloomy fall day.

Sunday 10.19

  • Still following through with my October goal. Ran to open gym on Sunday morning to work on Olympic lifts. The snatch has proven to be a serious challenge for me. It’s so technical and really, really difficult and tests my patience BIG TIME. I have no patience. Last week was a low point. This week there were no tears. I worked on some drills to help my form.
  • Then I PRed my jerk! 110# pounds over my head. YES! Not afraid of it anymore. But still failed a bit. Here are some photos of that for you, just to balance out the successful ones at the top.

Failed Jerk


How are your October goals coming? Any PRs? Any mental breakdowns? I’ve had them both.



Beautiful fall weekend. Beers, leaves, runs, barbells, beers, pancakes, and a date night out with my boo. Didn’t slow down enough to photo all of it, but here’s a few. Cheers.


Pre-weekend, Thursday night bonfire at Bayardstown

Donut Friday breakfast! Pumpkin donut from Prantl's. SO GOOD. Lots of icing. TGIF.

Donut Friday breakfast! Pumpkin donut from Prantl’s. SO GOOD. Lots of icing. TGIF.

Fall Brawl CrossFit competition at RAW in Gibsonia. Really fun to watch live.

Fall Brawl CrossFit competition at RAW in Gibsonia. Awesome event.

Steven's Point Whole Hog Pumpkin + cinnamon sugar + mason jar = beer drinking for basic bitches

Steven’s Point Whole Hog Pumpkin + cinnamon sugar + mason jar = beer drinking for basic bitches

TLC lyrics on my car in the grocery store parking lot. Time for a carwash. #noscrubs

TLC lyrics on my car in the grocery store parking lot. Time for a carwash. #noscrubs

Sunday night sushi date with my main man, CFBF. How gorgeous is that?

Sunday night sushi date with my main man, CFBF. How gorgeous is that?

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This is coming a little late, but it was my birthday, so you have to forgive me. In case you missed it, last Wednesday was my 25th birthday. So here is a quick collection of photos and thoughts and celebrations.

WEDNESDAY, october 8

Hellooooo 25. Started at the gym. Yes, I did birthday burpees. And celebrated pull-ups.

Then work. The girls on my team are so good to me. I’ll never make a fuss, but like any other girl, I obviously enjoy when other people make a fuss for me. They ordered pizza from Michael’s for lunch. SO GOOD. But come on, it’s pizza! I was even seriously impressed that they managed to sneak a question about my favorite pizza toppings very seamlessly into conversation the day before. I didn’t suspect it at all. There was a special sausage, peppers, and onions pizza on the table for me. YUM.

And where there are birthdays, when it comes to my office, there is ALWAYS CAKE. Pumpkin cupcakes to be specific. Thanks again, ladies! Snagged one of these for the CFBF too.


That evening was dinner with CFBF at Avenue B in Shadyside. I had been there for dinner about a year ago and for the past 12 months I have regretted getting the meatloaf. It was time. It was amazing. We also shared a fish dish that was good, but not nearly as good. Oh, and an entire bottle of red wine. It was awesome. If you go, get the meatloaf. I don’t care if you’re vegan. Trust me on this.



Saturday afternoon I celebrated with all of my favorite things: sunshine, patio beers, friends, and DESSERT. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for 25 years now and had never had the Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte – apparently the greatest cake in America. Birthday? Perfect timing. Brought the cake to the Beer Market on the North Shore. It did not disappoint. But I can’t say it beat out Bethel Bakery in my mind.


Enjoyed the Lexington Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and 21st Amendment Hop Crisis. And a SEVERAL pieces of cake. Didn’t take many photos. Blame it on the beer. Thanks for picking up my slack, Cass!


Sunday night my parents came down to visit for dinner. Went to Point Brugge in Point Breeze for mussels. Awesome restaurant. I definitely recommend it. I’m a big fan of mussels and that’s their specialty. But I’m sure the whole menu is excellent. Had a couple bites of tasty cheese from the cheese board too.


Had to wait quite a while for a table. So what did we do? Drank beers at the bar, obviously. I learned from the best. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Had an Elysian Dark O’The Moon Pumpkin Stout on draft and shared a bomber bottle of Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale with my Boo. I was feeling GREAT by the time dinner rolled around.


Fortunately for me, I had Monday off for Columbus Day. After all that beer, the extra sleep was very much enjoyed. Long weekend = best birthday present.

It was another awesome birthday. Thanks to everybody who celebrated with me. I love you all! Here’s to my 26th year being the best one yet. So far, off to a great start.


Fridays just got better. I started treating myself to donuts for breakfast on Friday mornings. Most delicious tradition I’ve ever started, and I am REALLY excited about it. I know, not a nutritionally sound breakfast, but hear me out.

First, how could this NOT make your day better?


Treats are fun. And I like treats. And I want them on Friday mornings to make me happy.

Now this isn’t to say that I’ve abandoned all of my healthful eating plans on Fridays. I’m just accounting for them in my meal plan. So instead of eating breakfast at  home, getting to the office, seeing the beautiful box of donuts on the table calling my name every. single. time. that I walk by and either a) caving and feeling regretful or b) missing out on all the delicious donuts all the time, I’ve come up with a new plan. And it’s a most excellent one.

I follow a flexible dieting plan, also called if-it-fits-your-macros or IIFYM. Remember this post from Nicole Capurso that I shared? This means that I can eat donuts for breakfast if I please, I just have to make sure that at the end of the day I’m still hitting my calorie and macro goals. Not necessarily easy, but look at that photo and tell me it’s not worth it. My Boo CFBF has a very informative and moderately humorous post on flexible dieting here if you want to learn more. I’m not here to teach, just to talk donuts people.

Also, for all my donut and/or weightlifting lover friends out there, if you haven’t discovered them yet, go check out the Doughnuts & Deadlift’s Instagram. The beautiful baked goods will definitely make you want to join me on Friday morning. I promise. You can also follow my Instagram account for weekly donut photos too. And I swear, I’m not just #eatingfortheinsta.


So now onto important things. Best donuts in Pittsburgh – go! What do I have to try? Any fun traditions you have?


Week 1 of marathon training in the books. And fall really is the best season for running. It’s so gorgeous and the temps are just perfect. I just HAD to take a couple photo breaks on this weeks’ runs.


Monday 10.6

  • 3 mile recovery run, average pace 9:44. Marathon training isn’t so hard!

Tuesday 10.7

  • AM Crossfit
    • Back squats: 5 sets of 3, with a 7 sec pause at the bottom, 70% of 1RM weight
      • I used 105#. These were tough. Definitely a little sore for a couple days.
    • 8 min AMRAP for quality:
      5 RDLs
      5 bent over rows
      • I used 55-65# and rested about a minute between sets. Didn’t count rounds.
    • WOD, AMRAP 7:
      5 burpee box jumps @ 24/20
      10 KB swings @ 53/36
      • Got through 6 rounds + 5 burpee box jumps.

Wednesday 10.8

  • AM Crossfit again
    • With a boyfriend like CFBF, I didn’t make it in the gym for 5 minutes before I was called out for birthday burpees. Got them done with during the warmup. All 25. Nobody bought that I was only 16.
    • 10 rounds: 3 MU or body blasters (burpee/pull-up/TB), 15 sec rest between rounds
      • I opted for the body blasters (MUs in my dreams!) and finished in 7:15. I really enjoyed this. On my birthday a year ago there is NO WAY I was doing pull-ups or TTB. I was so proud. It was hard, but I was loving it.
    • WOD:
      1000 meter row
      3 rounds for time:
      75 DU
      25 pushups
      • This workout was deceivingly HARD. Took me 13:57, and I did the pushups from my knees. Not. Easy.
    • Finished with an easy paced 10 minute AMRAP for quality:
      1 min plank
      15 extensions on the GHD
      Med ball throw at the wall 5x each side

Thursday 10.9

  • 5 mile run in the morning with 3 @ tempo. Held a 7:30-7:45 pace. Felt good!
  • 5.5 mile TRT with Cass in the evening. Starting to cool off here.

Friday 10.10

  • Crossfit class. I’ve really enjoyed Friday mornings at the gym recently. We’ve been doing mostly long WODs that really wipe me out and for sure earn my happy hour beer.
    • 8 minutes to find a max effort squat clean thruster
      • I got to 85#. It wasn’t pretty, but I was NOT letting that one get away from me.
    • WOD, 3 rounds for time:
      10 squat clean thrusters @ 65% of earlier max
      15 box jumps @ 30/24
      • I dropped to 55# for the thrusters and finished in 7:10.
    • After 3 minute rest, AMRAP 8:
      5 deadlifts @ 225/155
      5 HSPU
      • I used 135# for the deadlifts and completely forgot to count rounds. Oops. But I do know I was NOT fast.
    • After 3 minute, AMRAP 4:
      Over the bar burpees
      • I counted this time. 43. Whew.

Saturday 10.11

  • 12 miles with SCRR, 8:45 pace. It was the most gorgeous beautiful morning for a run. Fall running is THE BEST.

Sunday 10.12

  • I said at the beginning of the month that I was spending Sunday mornings in October at the gym working on my olympic lifts.  So that’s what I did. I was having a terrible morning though, and trying to keep my cool during those lifts when I was already in one hell of a frustrated mood was a disaster. I actually had to take a walk to pull myself together. It was not pretty.
  • By the time I calmed down, I managed to get a 70# snatch PR and repeat my 105# clean & jerk PR. I even cleaned 110# but couldn’t hit the jerk. Good morning in the end.


Talk to me. Do you like fall runs? Favorite season?


Helloooo! Up to something new today. I’m linking up with some other bloggers to share a post that’s all about the photos. We could all use a break from words sometimes, yes? There’s only one problem, I’m still SO TERRIBLE at stopping what I’m doing to take pictures of it! But hopefully this will keep me accountable in the future.

So here’s a quick look at some of my highlights from the weekend. Looking forward to another one in a matter of hours. TGIF, my friends.





Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.27.27 PM




Special thanks to Linda @ Fed, Fit and Happy for the invite!

Fit Fed and Happy


Had a really great week of workouts. Definitely got nice and sore and did some hobbling around, combined with quite a bit of whining. I swear, I love it.

Sunday officially kicked off my marathon training plan. I’m exactly 16 weeks out from my next race: the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. My girl Lesley built the plan for me, and I’m really excited. I loved having low pressure running workouts all summer, but now I’m ready to get back in it. NOT going to be easy, but I’m looking forward to the feeling that all those morning miles have a purpose.


Monday 9.29

  • AM Crossfit class
    • 12 minutes to find a ME 3x high hang squat snatch
      • These were WAY better for me than my snatches last week. I worked up to 55# and did that twice. High hang is so hard for me.
    • 5 rounds of 3 HSPU with a 7 sec descent
      Superset with 15 v-ups and 10 I-Y-T extensions with a band

      • I scaled the HSPU to pike off a box
    • WOD, 8 minute ladder, 2-4-6-8-10…
      OH barbell lunges @ 95/65
      Box jumps @ 30/24
      • Thanks to CFBF I went Rx on this thing. He told me I could do it, and so I did. Those 65# overhead lunges were ROUGH. I got through 10 +2 lunges. It was a hard class, but I liked it. Good morning.

Tuesday 9.30

  • Back to Crossfit
    • 15 minutes to find a ME 2x high hang squat clean + tempo front squat
      • I worked up to 85# for these. Tried and failed 90# twice. So close! Olympic lifts are SO mental for me. As soon as I get afraid of a weight, it is almost impossible for me. But I went for it.
    • WOD, AMRAP 10:
      5 ring dips
      15 deadlifts with weight from earlier cleans
      25 DU
    • After a 3 minute rest, AMRAP 3: hang power cleans @ 155/105 or 65% 1 RM clean & jerk
      • I used a band for the ring dips and 85# for the deadlifts. Got through 6 rounds for the first part (just a couple seconds over, but it totally counts). Then 22 cleans at 70#. These deadlifts left me SORE FOR DAYS. 
  • Trail Run Tuesday. Of course. 6 miles with my girls. It was the perfect night for running. Can’t beat it.

Wednesday 10.1

  • 8 miles in the morning. Nothing special. Just got it done.

Thursday 10.2

  • 5 miles this morning. I was so damn sore from workouts earlier in the week. DYING.

Friday 10.3

  • Crossfit class. This was a fun one! 4 different 6 minute stations. Definitely earned my happy hour beer, that’s for sure.
    • AMRAP 6:
      3 wall walks
      5 pull-ups
      8 KB swings @ 70/53
      • I used a 44# KB and got through 4 full rounds.
    • AMRAP 6:
      250 meter row
      10 power cleans @ 115/80 or 45% 1 RM clean & jerk
      • Finished 2 full rounds +the 250m on the rower. Used 60# for the cleans.
    • AMRAP 6:
      8 push jerk @ same weight as cleans
      30 DU
      • Got through 4 rounds + 4 jerks at 60#.
    • 6 minute ladder, 1-2-3-4…
      Atlas stone to shoulder
      Rope climbs
      • Seriously tired by this point. Used a 73# stone and finished round 3 + 1 rope climb in round 4.

Saturday 10.4

  • 10 COLD miles with SCRR today. My last Saturday morning sans training plan. Enjoyed the heck out of it.

Sunday 10.5

  • Marathon training begins! So what did I do? Went to the gym, naturally. I ran there and home – 2 mile round trip. I also worked quite a bit on my snatch and a little on clean & jerks. Remember this goal? Week 1, check!

What’s new with you? Any great workouts last week? Terrible ones? Training for anything cool?


And now it’s time to talk October. What am I up to this month? Are you dying to know? Here it is, my new monthly goal: consistent work on olympic lifts. That is, snatch and clean & jerk specifically.


On one hand, with a CFBF who is all about his FatStrong Club (my affectionate name for his Olympic weightlifting class), it could be surprising that I waited this long to jump on the bandwagon.

On the other hand, why would I want to drag myself to open gym hours every Sunday morning when my current routine of hanging out in my pajamas eating something chocolate for breakfast has been going so well?

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.27.27 PM

(Psst – this recipe for protein muffins is super easy and not bad for a healthy breakfast, especially straight out of the oven.)

I have my reasons. This is how I ended up here for the month:

  • It’s pretty unexpected for me. I love Crossfit, really do. But I’m not die-hard. I’m not in the Oly club. Of course, I find a lot of fun in lifting heavy things, but it’s still probably not what I’m expected to want to focus on for a month at a time.
  • These monthly goals have become a LOT more important to me than I would have guessed. Hellooooo Internet accountability! So I wanted to think a little outside the box for this one to keep it interesting. Obviously a good goal would have been stick with the difficult and exhausting marathon training plan you’re about to begin, but that’s too predictable for my taste.
  • After completely botching my snatches during a Crossfit class a couple weeks ago, HATED the feeling that I had lost some of my ability because it had been so long since I practiced them. I know some consistency here will make a huge impact for me.
  • And finally, there should be some measurable results! That’s supposed to be a characteristic of good goal setting, right? I have a feeling that if I can actually get my butt to the gym and work on my snatches and clean & jerks every week for four weeks, I’ll have some lovely looking PRs by the time November rolls around.


And so that’s that! Of course, marathon training is priority #1. I’ll listen to my body and take my rest days when I need to. Hey, even if I completely crash and burn with this month’s goal, it’s still something to write about! You can look forward to that.

Let’s chat! Any advice? Any times you’ve set goals that are pretty outside of your comfort zone? How often do you think I’ll get to the gym after all the 35kg bars are taken and use it as a lame excuse? 😉


Last Friday night I had the opportunity to take an Oktoberfest beer pairing class in the cooking school at the Market District in Robinson. It was so fun! Let me give you the deets.


The class was a series of 5 different beer samples, each accompanied by a dish that was prepared by the MD chef’s in the cooking school kitchen. Unlike some of the other cooking classes that are offered, this one required NO effort from the students. We just got to sit, eat, drink, and listen. Perfect.



In addition to all the tasting, I learned some cool beer facts!

  • Oktoberfest beers are all marzen style beers. Marzen means March, which historically was the last time of year to brew beer before it gets too warm. These beers have low bitterness and hop flavor. They’re mostly malty, sweet, toasty, and amber in color. Good for drinking in large volumes and over long periods of time, like during the Oktoberfest celebration.
  • There are only 6 true Oktoberfest beers in the world. To be a real Oktoberfest, the beer has to be brewed in Munich. So everything else that we drink is just Oktoberfest style.
  • Oktoberfest always starts 16 days before the first Sunday in October. It was actually originally a wedding celebration. But has since turned into a marathon of drinking in Munich.
  • Exposure to light will impact the taste of beer and lead to skunking. This means that beers that come out of cans will taste the freshest. Dark glass bottles are next best. And green glass bottles, because they let in the most light, are more likely lose freshness.
  • IPAs are not highly hoppy because of the long transit time to India. They’re hoppy because the strong flavor tastes better in hotter climates and pairs well with spicy foods.
  • Back in the day, before craft brewing became a respected career, women did most of the beer making because it was part of their cooking responsibilities in the kitchen. Female brewers are called Brewsters. Love it!

Now let’s actually talk about what we got to try!

FIRST COURSE: Penn Brewery Oktoberfest + pork and potato pancakes.

  • We started with the least flavorful beers and foods. When drinking Oktoberfest beers (or Oktoberfest style beers, like Penn’s), it’s best to pair them with more plain foods so they don’t overpower the flavor of the beer, because it is so light. Meat and potatoes, check.


SECOND COURSE: Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfestbier + pretzels and cheese
  • Like the first one, this beer was paired with pretty basic flavors. What’s cool about the Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest is that it’s one of the six authentic brews. Unlike the rest of the beers that are brewed on premises at each Hofbrauhaus location, this one is actually imported from Munich. Is there anything more perfect with that than a pretzel? NO. These were so buttery, they were out of this world.


THIRD COURSE: Weyerbacher Brewing AutumnFest + tuna with pecans, butter, and mustard dressing
  • This was my favorite beer of the night. It’s an Oktoberfest style red or amber ale. It has more hop flavor than the traditional Oktoberfests. Because the beer was more flavorful, so was the food. Yum.


FOURTH COURSE: Church Brew Works Oktoberfest + bratwurst with creamy apple compote
  • This Oktoberfest style brew was brighter and less sweet than the other guys (and actually my least favorite from the night). But the flavors meant that it paired better with sweeter foods, and the creamy apples with the sausage were delish.


FIFTH COURSE: Newcastle Werewolf + mini pumpkin cheesecakes with maple and pecan topping
  • The last beer was a red/amber ale from Newcastle. And it came with DESSERT! Perfect. I have such a sweet tooth.


Overall, I really enjoyed the event. It was a lot of fun to do something different on a Friday night. Would I recommend a MD cooking school beer class to a friend? Absolutely! Just a couple recommendations from the CFGF:

  • Don’t have super high expectations for fancy beers. The beers were fine, but they weren’t any of my new favorites. Pretty basic.
  • Be open to eat anything. The food was AWESOME. Made up for what the beer was lacking. I wouldn’t recommend it for somebody with dietary restrictions, because you’ll miss out on the best part if you don’t eat meat, grains, dairy, etc.
  • Take a friend. Dragging CFBF along with me made it so much more fun.
  • Stop by the bar in the Cafe on your way out. I was pretty disappointed with the size of our samples. We were supposed to get five 4oz pours, but they were only about half of that. There is a pretty solid selection of beers on draft in the Cafe though, and all at really great prices – most of them $4 or less!


You can check out the calendar of events at the Robinson MD cooking school here. The October beer pairing class is pumpkin themed, and November is harvest beers. Let me know if anybody tries ones!

Any other cool beer classes out there that I should know about? I’d love to learn even more!

*Disclaimer: I was invited to take this class for free but was not monetarily compensated in any way to attend or write this post. All opinions are my own.


And just like that another month is done. To recap, my September goal was to: be more diligent about stretching, foam rolling, and increasing mobility.

Overall, I’m happy with how the month went. I DEFINITELY pulled out the foam roller with more regularity than I ever have in the past. My hips and calves feel great, and those areas can definitely get quite tight. I also feel like I’ve made it more of a habit – hopefully one that I can keep up even after the accountability of monthly goal-setting has passed.

I’m not saying that it was always easy. Most days that I decided to work on my mobility it was at the very end of the day, right before bed. This is not an ideal time for me to do ANYTHING except sit on the couch. I am so not a night person. BUT I did it. And I’m planning to keep on doing it. Marathon training starts in 4 days and I have got to keep my body in shape. (This is what I reminded myself in the shower this morning, after I got home from my run, and didn’t leave myself even 5 minutes to stretch out my legs. Whateva, it’s October now.)

So on that note, cheers to me! Keep up the good work, CFGF. And here is a photo of me foam rolling in an outrageous outfit in a high school parking lot next to the van that I called home for a weekend.


If you’re interested, here are some links to the tools that I used during my painful month of mobility:

  • Rumble Roller – This is what I use most frequently. I find that it’s much more effective than standard smooth foam rollers. But man, can it hurt. I usually start from the bottom and work my way up, rolling out my calves, shins, hamstrings, quads, IT bands, hips/glutes, and back/shoulders.
  • Lacrosse Ball – While I don’t use the lax ball as much as the roller, it’s GREAT for really getting into tight spots in my hips and glutes. It’s possible there have been tears.
  • Stick Roller – I don’t actually have one of these at my apartment, but I used Cassie’s a little bit during Ragnar weekend. It was great for my shins. But in general I prefer the rumble roller where I can use my bodyweight to really dig into the muscles.

Looking to the future, I’m hoping I can keep up my healthy mobility routine. The rolling has made a great difference. And I think making an effort to add more stretching in the mix would be beneficial too. So that’s the game plan. Hopefully I can keep toughing it out a couple days a week.

Previous monthly goals:

Be on the lookout for my October goal, coming soon! I have an idea, but haven’t found the commitment yet.

Tell me, what are you working on in October?