I’m Emily. I’m a CFGF.




That’s Crossfit girlfriend. I love to wine and dine and workout and talk all about it. I started CFGF in August of 2014 as a way to share my love for all my favorite things, but mostly food & drink plus running & Crossfit. Balance, right?

I’m a Pittsburgher, born and raised. Though I like to think I belong in California. I live for sunshine and hot afternoons. Hello, patio happy hour.

I started running in college as a way to get fit and have continued to get sucked into the runners’ cult. I completed my second marathon in May of 2014, and have already signed up for another. The other half of my fitness life is Crossfit. I freakin’ love it. Also, cult-like. But I could be getting myself into far worse things. Burpee worship isn’t so bad.

Food and drink obsession also started in college – not surprising. But I like to think my tastes have evolved A LOT from my days of $5 pizza and Keystone at 2am every Thursday night. Visiting breweries, tasting new beers, collecting and cooking up new recipes, and exploring restaurant menus top my list of all time favorite things to do.

I live with my wildly energetic cat, Esteban. He’s a real treat. Destroys anything and everything he can get his hands on. But I keep him around anyway.


Lots more about me to come in the future, but feel free to reach out below or email me @ CFGFBlog@gmail.com if you’d like to know more!






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