A visit to Troegs Brewing Company in Hershey, PA has become an annual Thanksgiving weekend tradition for CFBF and me. And I don’t hate it! Here are some highlights of my stop last week.


Priority #1: BEER

First was a BIG BEER. It was 1pm, obviously I was DYING for a drink. I heard really good things about the Blizzard of Hops IPA. It was great. And went down FAST.


Next I opted to sample the 3 seasonal currently on tap:

Priority #2: FOOD

Troegs has an awesome snack bar menu. Seriously impressive for the tiny little kitchen packed full of guys dishing up tons of different delicious options. Between the table we ended up with lots of great eats: giant pretzel (with cheese and mustard, obv), pork belly, beef brisket sandwich, cheese board, and more. Last time around, CFBF and I shared the charcuterie plate and it was so good. Highly recommend both the meat and cheese boards. Always the best with beers.


In typical CFGF fashion, I ate WAY too much. And wasn’t I just dying on the couch from post-Thanksgiving stomach pains less than 24 hours earlier!? How quickly I forget. My biggest regret is that I got too full to enjoy my beer sampler. I. was. stuffed. (Please notice the untouched sampler glasses in that photo. Strugglin’.)

IMPORTANT LESSON, EMILY: Never eat so much that you lose your appetite for drinks!


Priority #3: Coffee & Dessert

OK, so it didn’t take me that long to recover from overdoing it at Troegs. Right on cue late in the afternoon I was ready for coffee and SUGAR. You know me. There was a donut. It was Friday, after all. I snagged the last PB&J beauty from the bakery at the Green Dragon Farmer’s market. Awesome.


Am I the picture of health, or what?


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