To be honest, I can’t believe I waited this long to profess my love for Mad Mex on the Internet. I should have titled this post: Mad Mex, A Love Story. I love it; it’s the truth. Allow me to list the reasons.

1. AWESOME draft list. It goes without saying; this is my #1 priority when picking a happy hour spot. Being the beer lover that I am, I really, really enjoy when I know I can count on a place to have something delicious that I’ve never tried before. With a rotating list of probably more than 20 taps, you can count on the Mex to deliver. They know their stuff.

2. HALF PRICE. All the drafts. Half price. Not kidding. A couple weeks ago CFBF and I went for a Friday HH. We each had 2 really tasty beers, I was trashed, he was fine, and it only cost $10! What!? Can’t beat it.

3. Food is good too. Obviously it’s good – they make guacamole. Aside from that, I highly recommend the carnitas quesadilla.

It also doesn’t hurt that I live approximately 0.1 miles from one, but that doesn’t apply to everybody so I’ll only half count it as half of a reason.

Moral of the story: get to Mad Mex ASAP if you’ve never been there. Or get your ass back if it’s been a while. I’m a Friday HH regular, so you can buy me a beer some time if you’re so inclined. Cheap date!

(borrowed photos)



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