You guys, I am getting shit done! I crossed TWO MORE places off my Pittsburgh wish list. And let me tell you, they were both delish.

First, Lesley joined me for Donut Friday celebrations a couple weeks ago. It was the perfect time to check out Grandview Bakery. (Is there a time that isn’t perfect for baked goods? I’m not sure.) I went with this beautiful deep fried goodness. Chocolate frosting and some kind of crunchy chocolate crumble on top. YES.

IMG_3037I also approved of Lesley’s choice: pumpkin cake with cinnamon sugar. To be honest, I typically prefer cake donuts. Dense, moist, DELICIOUS cake donuts. (NEED. ONE. NOW!) Icing is also waaaay high up on my list of loves. So it is a tough choice for me when I can only have cake or frosted. Why aren’t frosted cake donuts more popular!? Seems like a flaw in the bakery system.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.33.48 PMThe only downside to this donut-filled morning was the long hunt for coffee. There MUST be coffee with Donut Friday. Our plan was to grab our breakfast from the bakery and walk down the street to Grand Brew to sit and sip. The coffee place was closed!! At 8am on a Friday morning! WHAT!? So we jumped back in the car and drove to Southside for Big Dog instead. I told Les that she needed to be chatty to keep me entertained if I was going to sit in the car with a donut on my lap and wait to eat it. I am the worst at waiting. But we made it. And Big Dog NEVER lets me down. Without a doubt my favorite coffee shop in Pittsburgh. If you haven’t been there, TRY IT. TOMORROW.

Then last Saturday for dinner, CFBF and I met my parents at Teppanyaki Kyoto in Highland Park. Another spot that did not disappoint. I had heard from a couple friends that Okonomiyaki is the best thing to get. They were right. It’s a fresh made Japanese pancake with your choice of meat, topped with yummy sauces and fish flakes. The coolest part is that the super thinly flaked fish actually moves on top of the pancake because of the heat. So fun. I ate every bite. With plenty of wine, of course.


I’ll keep you posted as I keep working on that list. So much food, so little time.

Tell me, have you tried any great new places recently? Where are you dying to eat?



  1. This makes me crave Teppanyaki Kyoto. Hopefully when my brother & sister-in-law are in town, we go! I am dying to try Mezzo! I know that’s on your list too. Maybe the next veg club outing?

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