Watching all of the buzz around Sunday’s NYC Marathon got me excited for my next race at the end of January. About 3 months from now I’ll be running the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. So far, training has gone very well to my plan. Could it be a BQ? It’s possible.

Like any runner, I have a little bit of FOMO around races. The energy, excitement, and emotions are one of the greatest things ever. And one of my favorite parts of racing is choosing fun destinations to visit. I love traveling and running – match made in heaven!

So like I do with everything else, I’ve come up with a list of races that I must do. Everybody has a race bucket list, right? Here’s what is currently on my radar.


Do I even have to say why? The. Race. Must. Do.


I’ve heard some GREAT things about this marathon. And I love Chicago (even though I haven’t visited in over 4 years!). I also haven’t done a fall marathon yet, and this one just sounds perfect. Lesley and I are planning to go in 2015. Meet us there!


In case you missed it, I ran the Ragnar DC Relay in September. I LOVED it! I really want to do another one with a group of friends, but my next Ragnar will definitely be in a gorgeous destination. I’m thinking either Napa Valley or Florida Keys. Don’t those sound WAY better than the mountains of Maryland? YES.


Because I’m out of my mind, I really want to do a hat trick weekend: 5K and 10K on day 1 and Half Marathon on day 2. I’ve heard of a couple – the Runner’s World Festival in Bethlehem, PA in October and the much newer Heartbreak Hill Festival in Boston in June. 3 medals? Yes, please. Think of all the beers I could drink!!!

Talk to me. Who’s coming along? Any amazing races that you’ve done and would recommend? What’s on your bucket list?

(photos: 1/2/3/4)


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