Warning, before you get any further, this one is wordy. Not sure what came over me tonight. Might be because I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but I’m working on that. Promise to post more than my weekly workouts in the weeks to come!


On that note, week 3 of marathon training is in the books. Still feeling great. Read all about it!

Monday 10.20

  • 7 mile run, 8:58 average pace + strides for some speed work. It was COLD this morning, and my whole run was in the dark. But felt good holding the 9min pace.

Tuesday 10.21

  • AM Crossfit
    • 15 min power cleans: sets of 3, working up in weight, 1:30 rest between sets
    • WOD, AMRAP 15, ladder 2-4-6-8…:
      KB Swings @ 70/53#
      rest 0:45
  • I usually like working on cleans, even though I tend to get a little psyched out when the weight gets “heavy” (meaning what I think is heavy). I got up to 90# and failed on the 3rd one; dropped back down to 85# – easy; went back up to 90# and got it done. YES! It was ALL in my head. Does that happen to you? I know I’m not the only one.
  • WOD was deceivingly tough. Loooong 15 minutes. I used a 35# KB and got through round 18 with 15 sec left.
  • PM 4 mile recovery run, 9:47 pace. WHY IS IT SO COLD!?!?

Wednesday 10.22

  • Rest & travel day

Thursday 10.23

  • 9 mile run, 8:56 pace. I was staying in a hotel in a Richmond suburb and the area was TERRIBLE for running. SO, SO BAD. And I usually love running in new places when I travel! I did a lot of out-and-backs, going until the sidewalk ended, and plenty of looping around the development where the hotel was. (I was quite familiar by the end.) Suburban streets are terribly lit – took a branch to the face once. I was just a big crab about this run. BUT I DID IT! Really thankful that I told everybody that I was traveling with about my run at dinner the night before. I needed the accountability for this one. Thanks, guys.

Friday 10.22

Saturday 10.23

  • The usual LR with SCRR. I had 16 miles on the calendar, but the group run maxed out at 10, so I did 6 solo on the trail before I met up with everybody else. Not tons of fun, but I was glad to get those out of the way so I could finish it up with some company. Held a good 9:02 pace and enjoyed the back 10. Excellent.
  • I’m still working on figuring out post-LR food. Not handling it well so far. Hello, 10pm binges on chips and dip. Those have got to stop. I’m determined to not let this marathon training cycle destroy my diet like it has in the past. Looking for tips!


Sunday 10.24

  • My last Sunday working on my October goal! OMG!! Did exactly what I wanted to do: PRed both lifts. Managed a 75# snatch, an UGLY power snatch, but still a snatch. Also pulled out a 110# clean & jerk. I was so proud. I’ll recap my monthly challenge later this week.

2 thoughts on “A WEEK OF WORKOUTS

  1. I WISH I could tell you what to do about LR runger days. I am still trying to figure that one out… to no avail. I’m trying to eat sooner after my run and make sure I eat a lot of protein. That is helping a little… but I still get so. damn. snacky at night.


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