Here we go. 2 weeks of marathon training down. I’ll be honest, I am EXCITED. I know, I know – it’s about to get WAY harder. But for now I feel great. I’m enjoying my weekday runs and Saturday LRs. Even kicked in some race pace miles this week. BQ pace, obviously, but more on that later. Remind me of this feeling 8 weeks from now, please.

Still kicking it in at the gym too. And looking fine while I do it. Check out those faces.


Monday 10.13

  • 8 mile run, 8:50 average pace + strides for some speed work. I had Monday off for Columbus day – win! This meant I could run in the DAYLIGHT. Got rained on during some miles in the middle. But I won’t complain. I got to sleep in.

Tuesday 10.14

  • AM Crossfit
    • 15 min clean complex: 1 clean pull, 1 clean RDL, 1 hang power clean, 1:30 rest between sets
    • WOD, 15 minutes to cycle through:
      1 sled pull + 1 sled push for 50′
      10 power cleans @ 135/95#
      Rest 2:00
  • I liked this class a lot. Worked up to 85# for the clean complex and then really pushed myself in the WOD. I scaled to 65# for the power cleans and worked up to 3 45# plates on the sled, and IT WAS KILLING ME. But everybody else in my group was using that weight on the sled, so dammit I was too! The audience during workouts like this really make me push myself. Love that feeling.
  • PM Trail Run Tuesday in Schenley Park with Cass. 4 (not) easy miles. During this run I reflected on how it’s been 5 months since we started our TRT tradition and my legs STILL HATE running in the PM.

Wednesday 10.15

  • AM Crossfit, again
    • 5 rounds: 4 pull-ups with a 5 sec descent
    • 10 minutes to find 1RM strict press
    • WOD, 4 RFT:
      4 strict presses @ 90% of today’s 1 RM
      40 DU
    • 1:00 rest, then cash out: 30 ring dips
  • Holy man. Those presses – u.g.l.y. I maxed out at 70# and used 60# for the WOD. Seriously hard. By the 3rd round I was putting the bar in the rack to rest between every rep. I used a band for the ring dips and finished in 10:45. My shoulders were cooked.

Thursday 10.16

  • 6 mile run, 9:13 average pace. Nice, cool, and dry morning.

Friday 10.17

  • AM Crossfit. I said last week how I’ve been enjoying our extended WODs on Friday mornings. This week was a good one.
    • WOD
      • Buy in: 500m row
      • 3 rounds:
        5 deadlifts @ 275/185# or 65% 1 RM deadlift
        10 TTB
      • Run 800 meters
      • 15 burpee pullups
        30 DU
        15 KB swings @ 53/36#
        10 burpee pull-ups
        40 DU
        20 KB swings
        5 burpee pull-ups
        50 DU
        25 KB swings
  • Took me 21:20, used 135# for the deadlifts. If I hadn’t already done this workout, I would definitely bookmark this one for an open gym. It was good. I left proud for making myself touch my toes to the bar every time during the TTB. I can – I just get lazy. No more laziness for me. I have no excuse. ESPECIALLY when I wear my Doughnuts & Deadlifts shirt.

Saturday 10.18

  • I had an awesome LR on Saturday. No SCRR group run, so I met up with Les and some other ladies for our own run. I had 14 miles on the agenda, with 6-8 of them at race pace. Lesley held us to a solid 8:10 and those miles felt SO GOOD. Did all 8. Enjoyed the leaves even though it was a gloomy fall day.

Sunday 10.19

  • Still following through with my October goal. Ran to open gym on Sunday morning to work on Olympic lifts. The snatch has proven to be a serious challenge for me. It’s so technical and really, really difficult and tests my patience BIG TIME. I have no patience. Last week was a low point. This week there were no tears. I worked on some drills to help my form.
  • Then I PRed my jerk! 110# pounds over my head. YES! Not afraid of it anymore. But still failed a bit. Here are some photos of that for you, just to balance out the successful ones at the top.

Failed Jerk


How are your October goals coming? Any PRs? Any mental breakdowns? I’ve had them both.


One thought on “A WEEK OF WORKOUTS

  1. LOTS OF MENTAL BREAKDOWNS so far this month. A half-marathon PR (albeit not official since not under my name lol) which was nice. Been trying to get some cross-training in… I think I’ve been averaging once a week so kind of a goal?? PS your arms are looking fineeee.


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