This is coming a little late, but it was my birthday, so you have to forgive me. In case you missed it, last Wednesday was my 25th birthday. So here is a quick collection of photos and thoughts and celebrations.

WEDNESDAY, october 8

Hellooooo 25. Started at the gym. Yes, I did birthday burpees. And celebrated pull-ups.

Then work. The girls on my team are so good to me. I’ll never make a fuss, but like any other girl, I obviously enjoy when other people make a fuss for me. They ordered pizza from Michael’s for lunch. SO GOOD. But come on, it’s pizza! I was even seriously impressed that they managed to sneak a question about my favorite pizza toppings very seamlessly into conversation the day before. I didn’t suspect it at all. There was a special sausage, peppers, and onions pizza on the table for me. YUM.

And where there are birthdays, when it comes to my office, there is ALWAYS CAKE. Pumpkin cupcakes to be specific. Thanks again, ladies! Snagged one of these for the CFBF too.


That evening was dinner with CFBF at Avenue B in Shadyside. I had been there for dinner about a year ago and for the past 12 months I have regretted getting the meatloaf. It was time. It was amazing. We also shared a fish dish that was good, but not nearly as good. Oh, and an entire bottle of red wine. It was awesome. If you go, get the meatloaf. I don’t care if you’re vegan. Trust me on this.



Saturday afternoon I celebrated with all of my favorite things: sunshine, patio beers, friends, and DESSERT. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for 25 years now and had never had the Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte – apparently the greatest cake in America. Birthday? Perfect timing. Brought the cake to the Beer Market on the North Shore. It did not disappoint. But I can’t say it beat out Bethel Bakery in my mind.


Enjoyed the Lexington Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and 21st Amendment Hop Crisis. And a SEVERAL pieces of cake. Didn’t take many photos. Blame it on the beer. Thanks for picking up my slack, Cass!


Sunday night my parents came down to visit for dinner. Went to Point Brugge in Point Breeze for mussels. Awesome restaurant. I definitely recommend it. I’m a big fan of mussels and that’s their specialty. But I’m sure the whole menu is excellent. Had a couple bites of tasty cheese from the cheese board too.


Had to wait quite a while for a table. So what did we do? Drank beers at the bar, obviously. I learned from the best. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Had an Elysian Dark O’The Moon Pumpkin Stout on draft and shared a bomber bottle of Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale with my Boo. I was feeling GREAT by the time dinner rolled around.


Fortunately for me, I had Monday off for Columbus Day. After all that beer, the extra sleep was very much enjoyed. Long weekend = best birthday present.

It was another awesome birthday. Thanks to everybody who celebrated with me. I love you all! Here’s to my 26th year being the best one yet. So far, off to a great start.



  1. The almond torte was SO GOOD. And so as the beer, duh. Glad we could help celebrate your birthday (aka, eat the cake CFBF bought and drink beer). You can turn 25 anytime 🙂


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