Week 1 of marathon training in the books. And fall really is the best season for running. It’s so gorgeous and the temps are just perfect. I just HAD to take a couple photo breaks on this weeks’ runs.


Monday 10.6

  • 3 mile recovery run, average pace 9:44. Marathon training isn’t so hard!

Tuesday 10.7

  • AM Crossfit
    • Back squats: 5 sets of 3, with a 7 sec pause at the bottom, 70% of 1RM weight
      • I used 105#. These were tough. Definitely a little sore for a couple days.
    • 8 min AMRAP for quality:
      5 RDLs
      5 bent over rows
      • I used 55-65# and rested about a minute between sets. Didn’t count rounds.
    • WOD, AMRAP 7:
      5 burpee box jumps @ 24/20
      10 KB swings @ 53/36
      • Got through 6 rounds + 5 burpee box jumps.

Wednesday 10.8

  • AM Crossfit again
    • With a boyfriend like CFBF, I didn’t make it in the gym for 5 minutes before I was called out for birthday burpees. Got them done with during the warmup. All 25. Nobody bought that I was only 16.
    • 10 rounds: 3 MU or body blasters (burpee/pull-up/TB), 15 sec rest between rounds
      • I opted for the body blasters (MUs in my dreams!) and finished in 7:15. I really enjoyed this. On my birthday a year ago there is NO WAY I was doing pull-ups or TTB. I was so proud. It was hard, but I was loving it.
    • WOD:
      1000 meter row
      3 rounds for time:
      75 DU
      25 pushups
      • This workout was deceivingly HARD. Took me 13:57, and I did the pushups from my knees. Not. Easy.
    • Finished with an easy paced 10 minute AMRAP for quality:
      1 min plank
      15 extensions on the GHD
      Med ball throw at the wall 5x each side

Thursday 10.9

  • 5 mile run in the morning with 3 @ tempo. Held a 7:30-7:45 pace. Felt good!
  • 5.5 mile TRT with Cass in the evening. Starting to cool off here.

Friday 10.10

  • Crossfit class. I’ve really enjoyed Friday mornings at the gym recently. We’ve been doing mostly long WODs that really wipe me out and for sure earn my happy hour beer.
    • 8 minutes to find a max effort squat clean thruster
      • I got to 85#. It wasn’t pretty, but I was NOT letting that one get away from me.
    • WOD, 3 rounds for time:
      10 squat clean thrusters @ 65% of earlier max
      15 box jumps @ 30/24
      • I dropped to 55# for the thrusters and finished in 7:10.
    • After 3 minute rest, AMRAP 8:
      5 deadlifts @ 225/155
      5 HSPU
      • I used 135# for the deadlifts and completely forgot to count rounds. Oops. But I do know I was NOT fast.
    • After 3 minute, AMRAP 4:
      Over the bar burpees
      • I counted this time. 43. Whew.

Saturday 10.11

  • 12 miles with SCRR, 8:45 pace. It was the most gorgeous beautiful morning for a run. Fall running is THE BEST.

Sunday 10.12

  • I said at the beginning of the month that I was spending Sunday mornings in October at the gym working on my olympic lifts.  So that’s what I did. I was having a terrible morning though, and trying to keep my cool during those lifts when I was already in one hell of a frustrated mood was a disaster. I actually had to take a walk to pull myself together. It was not pretty.
  • By the time I calmed down, I managed to get a 70# snatch PR and repeat my 105# clean & jerk PR. I even cleaned 110# but couldn’t hit the jerk. Good morning in the end.


Talk to me. Do you like fall runs? Favorite season?


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