Had a really great week of workouts. Definitely got nice and sore and did some hobbling around, combined with quite a bit of whining. I swear, I love it.

Sunday officially kicked off my marathon training plan. I’m exactly 16 weeks out from my next race: the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. My girl Lesley built the plan for me, and I’m really excited. I loved having low pressure running workouts all summer, but now I’m ready to get back in it. NOT going to be easy, but I’m looking forward to the feeling that all those morning miles have a purpose.


Monday 9.29

  • AM Crossfit class
    • 12 minutes to find a ME 3x high hang squat snatch
      • These were WAY better for me than my snatches last week. I worked up to 55# and did that twice. High hang is so hard for me.
    • 5 rounds of 3 HSPU with a 7 sec descent
      Superset with 15 v-ups and 10 I-Y-T extensions with a band

      • I scaled the HSPU to pike off a box
    • WOD, 8 minute ladder, 2-4-6-8-10…
      OH barbell lunges @ 95/65
      Box jumps @ 30/24
      • Thanks to CFBF I went Rx on this thing. He told me I could do it, and so I did. Those 65# overhead lunges were ROUGH. I got through 10 +2 lunges. It was a hard class, but I liked it. Good morning.

Tuesday 9.30

  • Back to Crossfit
    • 15 minutes to find a ME 2x high hang squat clean + tempo front squat
      • I worked up to 85# for these. Tried and failed 90# twice. So close! Olympic lifts are SO mental for me. As soon as I get afraid of a weight, it is almost impossible for me. But I went for it.
    • WOD, AMRAP 10:
      5 ring dips
      15 deadlifts with weight from earlier cleans
      25 DU
    • After a 3 minute rest, AMRAP 3: hang power cleans @ 155/105 or 65% 1 RM clean & jerk
      • I used a band for the ring dips and 85# for the deadlifts. Got through 6 rounds for the first part (just a couple seconds over, but it totally counts). Then 22 cleans at 70#. These deadlifts left me SORE FOR DAYS. 
  • Trail Run Tuesday. Of course. 6 miles with my girls. It was the perfect night for running. Can’t beat it.

Wednesday 10.1

  • 8 miles in the morning. Nothing special. Just got it done.

Thursday 10.2

  • 5 miles this morning. I was so damn sore from workouts earlier in the week. DYING.

Friday 10.3

  • Crossfit class. This was a fun one! 4 different 6 minute stations. Definitely earned my happy hour beer, that’s for sure.
    • AMRAP 6:
      3 wall walks
      5 pull-ups
      8 KB swings @ 70/53
      • I used a 44# KB and got through 4 full rounds.
    • AMRAP 6:
      250 meter row
      10 power cleans @ 115/80 or 45% 1 RM clean & jerk
      • Finished 2 full rounds +the 250m on the rower. Used 60# for the cleans.
    • AMRAP 6:
      8 push jerk @ same weight as cleans
      30 DU
      • Got through 4 rounds + 4 jerks at 60#.
    • 6 minute ladder, 1-2-3-4…
      Atlas stone to shoulder
      Rope climbs
      • Seriously tired by this point. Used a 73# stone and finished round 3 + 1 rope climb in round 4.

Saturday 10.4

  • 10 COLD miles with SCRR today. My last Saturday morning sans training plan. Enjoyed the heck out of it.

Sunday 10.5

  • Marathon training begins! So what did I do? Went to the gym, naturally. I ran there and home – 2 mile round trip. I also worked quite a bit on my snatch and a little on clean & jerks. Remember this goal? Week 1, check!

What’s new with you? Any great workouts last week? Terrible ones? Training for anything cool?


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