I PR’ED MY 5K!!! By one and a half freaking minutes!!!

!!! x 100

On Thursday afternoon, AE hosted a Run For Your Girls 5K. It was an awesome event. We all got to leave the office a little bit early, do a quick race, have a nice BBQ, and all to benefit Bright Pink.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 4.30.35 PM


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this race. I knew Lesley wasn’t running because it was only a couple days before the Akron Marathon – which she just DEMOLISHED! So I figured that I had a shot at winning. Apparently I said that too loudly, because soon the whole aerie team was telling me that their money was on me. HELLO, PRESSURE!

So, per my typical 5K strategy, I just went out and ran HARD. I felt great. Kept a pretty steady 6:35ish pace through the whole thing, and finished in 20:18. My previous PR was 21:50. AND I was the first girl across the finish line. WHAT!? AMAZING.


In true CFGF fashion, I followed that up with some (unphotographed. typical.) beer and BBQ. It was a gorgeous afternoon and so much fun to participate in such a great event with my work family. Glad I didn’t let them down.

(PS – thanks for the photos Kate & Les!)


3 thoughts on “A CASUAL 5K PR

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