New Blogger Alert! Listen up. I am not getting any better about taking photos of everything. First, how do I get over thinking it’s weird to ask people to take photos of me working out? It still feels majorly strange to me. Normal people don’t really do that at the gym. Also, how do I master the art of the selfie? HALP! I’m a work in progress.

[Pretend there is a photo of my working out here. And my arms and shoulders look awesome. Maybe I’m doing a pull-up. Yeah, that would be excellent!]

Monday 9.15

  • 4 mile morning Fartlek run. Still pretty achy from Ragnar, but sometimes you just have to run through it.

Tuesday 9.16

  • Crossfit class in the AM
    • 15 minutes: 2 high hang squat cleans + 1 tempo front squat, 1:30 rest between sets
      I worked up to 75# comfortably here. Focused on form and repetition more than heavy weights.
    • WOD, AMRAP 15
      200 meter sprint
      20 KB swings, 53/36
      10 burpee box jumps, 24/20

      I got through 4 rounds + 17 KB swings. Did the 20 swings unbroken every time, which I was happy with. I know I CAN do them, but something about KB swings really tire me out and I tend to drop and take breaks more than I need to. Felt good about this one.

  • Trail Run Tuesday in the PM. 6 lovely miles with Cassie. It was GORGEOUS outside. Warm and sunny. I was happy. Should have snapped a photo.

Wednesday 9.17

  • Back to Crossfit in the morning
    • 6 rounds of 2 tempo HSPU with a 2:00 rest between sets
      I’m still scaling HSPU to a box, so this wasn’t much of a challenge. Moving HSPU to the wall for a future month’s goal? Maybe, maybe?
    • WOD, 4 rounds:
      AMRAP 2
      1 push jerk @ 90% of 1RM
      8 CTB pull-ups
      I used 90# for the jerks and scaled to a band for the pull-ups. This workout was TOUGH. I managed to hit the jerks every time until the very last set. Then I threw it over my  head – sloppy. But left feeling good, tired, and proud.

Thursday 9.18

  • 6 mile morning run. Gorgeous weather again. Happy run. Though I’m not ready to say goodbye to Summer (LOVED the 80+ degree weather over the weekend), Fall is easily the best time of year for running. I can’t deny that I love fall runs.

Friday 9.19

  • Fun class at Crossfit Shadyside
    • WOD, 5 RFT:
      400 meter run
      10 power cleans, 135/95
      15 pushups
      15 box jumps, 24/20
    • CASH OUT, 3 rounds, not for time:
      25 v-ups
      ME bent over row with WOD weight
      ME RDLs with WOD weight
    • I scaled the weight for the cleans down to 55# and did pushups from my knees. Finished around 21:00 (before the cash out). Probably should have pushed through with 60#, but still got a great workout. Sweat all over the floor. Sorry.

Saturday 9.20

  • 10 mile run with SCRR. Ran a quicker pace than I usually do for Saturday long runs, but felt good. Marathon training starts again soon. Then it’s the end of my easy, breezy 10 mile long runs. Poor me.

Sunday 9.21

  • Went in for open gym on Sunday morning, and it was PACKED. Too crowded for me. I get intimidated. A whole bunch of people who are out of their minds were doing Frantasy Land. HELL. NO. So I stayed out of their way, worked on mobility and chatted for about 30 minutes (hello, September goal! check!), and then worked on my pull-ups a little bit before running back home. Up to 5 unbroken. Watch out, Fran. HA!

And that’s a wrap! Tell me about your workouts last week – anything good? Or vent it out about a real shit one. I need that too sometimes!

Oh and advice on how to get into the habit of taking photos. I need that too! So needy.


6 thoughts on “A WEEK OF WORKOUTS

  1. My Monday run was real shit… since it didn’t even happen. Ugh. And I missed the SRCC run on Saturday. My workouts have mainly been fails. BUT am still doing speedwork/made it to spin this am (October goal: actually cross train instead of thinking about cross training).

    We will start taking selfies at #TRT. and I’ll come with a better attitude next week than I did this week.


  2. WOW what a great week of workouts! I forget a lot too, but it may help to set reminders on your phone throughout the day, just to keep it in your head, so that when its time for a photo, you may think about it then!


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