Since I’ve already covered several awesome places to go buy beer, how about a roundup of my top 5 BYOB restaurants in Pittsburgh? Food goes well with brews.

1. E2, Highland Park

This is a bold statement, but E2 might be my favorite restaurant in the city. Dinner or brunch – you can’t go wrong. The place is tiny though. So get there when they open to get a table. A line forms on the sidewalk at 5:30; I’m not kidding. Also, order the gorg mess. It’s a gorgonzola cheese spread that is INCREDIBLE. And the grilled bread that comes with it. YUM. And the breakfast polenta…



This isn’t the first time I’ve raved about this restaurant on the blog. I haven’t made a return trip yet, but it needs to happen soon. I haven’t tried everything yet, but I would guess the entire menu is delicious. CFBF and I have also discussed turning one of the rooms in my apartment into a meat cooler and smoker to start selling Argentine meats from the fourth floor window.


3. PUSADEE’S GARDEN, Lawrenceville

Delish Thai food. Gorgeous outdoor seating space if you can make it there in the summer – doesn’t last long around here. I get curry EVERY TIME I go out for Thai. It’s my absolute favorite. The dishes here are loaded with tons of fresh veggies. CFBF got a seafood sampler that was also excellent.

4. AVENUE B, Shadyside

A little bit fancier than the other options on my list, but sometimes I like that. I didn’t get the meatloaf. Still regret it. It’s been over a year. It’s begging me to go back.

5. Kaleidoscope Cafe, Lawrenceville

Talked about this one already too! Kitchy little place. Excellent menu. BYO. Check.


Tell me – any good ones I missed that you would include in your top 5? Do you like BYOB?

(borrowed photos: 1,2)



  1. Dying to go to E2! I went to Kaleidescope a few weeks ago & sadly didn’t love it. I really wanted to… but I probably wouldn’t put it on the go-to-again list. One of my fave Thai places is Smiling Banana Leaf, thanks to Cassie for intro-ing me to it. Is it just me or are most Thai restaurants BYO?


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