Before I recap last week’s workouts, I want to share a weekly read that I really enjoyed. I don’t talk a lot about my diet and how I like to eat, but I LOVED Nicole’s post about her flexible eating plan. It’s a long one, but at least have a read and let me know what you think! I FULLY support a meal plan like this. Donuts, people!


Now about last week, I was prepping for my Team Beer Ragnar Relay so my daily workouts weren’t particularly challenging. On another note, I CAN’T WAIT to tell you all about Ragnar!!!


Monday 9.8

  • 6 mile morning run. Easy pace. Flat roads.

Tuesday 9.9

  • Slept in this morning and just did 6 miles after work for Trail Run Tuesday with Cassie. Warm and sunny night. Soaking them in while they’re still here.

Wednesday 9.10

  • Morning: Crossfit class
    • 15 min to find max push jerk
      I worked up to 100#. They weren’t pretty today.
    • AMRAP 10, for quality, not reps
      5 bent over rows, increasing in #
      15 sec dragon flag hold
      15 hip extension/reverse hyper extensions on the machine
      5 I-Y-T’s with a band
    • WOD, 3 RFT (10 min time cap):
      15 HSPU
      400 meter sprint
      15 CTB pull-ups
      I scaled to banded pull-ups and got through 2 full rounds and 2 HSPU. I was TIRED this day. Couldn’t find energy to do anything. I left pretty frustrated.

Thursday 9.11

  • 5 mile morning run in the rain. Crossfit class was full of everything that would destroy my legs, and with 18+ miles to run this weekend, I played it safe and did a few shakeout miles instead. This was the smart choice, although not the most fun run.

Friday 9.12 – Saturday 9-13

  • TEAM BEER RAGNAR RACE! SO COOL. I was runner 6. Will write about it later this week. Promise.

Sunday 9.14

  • Another Sunday rest day. After the relay, and THE BEER, I needed it. More sleep, please.

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