Last Wednesday, I headed out to Dormont with Sam & Sangam to try out a spin studio there called Club Cycle. This place is all about making a spinning class as fun as possible by adding club-style music and lights. First class is only $10, so it was great to try something new for our girls’ night.


Overall, I thought it was good! The DJ and instructor kept the class varied with different songs and paces and a good mix of slow burn hills and quick sprints and jumps. Everybody’s bikes and screens around the room show each rider’s RPMs and the instructor yells out where your target range should be throughout the class so you can make sure you’re on track.

I just have to say, that the DJ totally cracked me up. I get that it’s a spin class full of sweaty women and it’s not as exciting as his usual Thursday night gig at Diesel. So I don’t blame him for looking uninterested. Actually, I probably would have laughed at him even more if he was totally into it. That would be weirder, right?


So I had fun. Great to get moving on a Wednesday night (when I usually move directly to the couch after work, please). But will I go back? Probably not. It’s a little bit expensive for me, and I tend to get bored doing the same thing for that long. I’m always watching the clock after 20 minutes. Cycling isn’t my jam, really. I have a fancy pants road bike wasting away in my garage. Yes, I do feel guilty about that.

Next Veg Club plan with my girls S&S is food, BBQ specifically. Much more delicious than cycling. But if there are any other cool classes around Pittsburgh that I have to try, won’t you please let me know?


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