Time to talk food. Good food and good drinks are two VERY key parts to travel. AmIRight? Probably safe to say that more than 50% of what I ate in Baltimore had crab in it. It’s so good, and when in Rome…

I have to be honest – I’m still not good at stopping to take food photos. Typically as soon as I food is in front of me, it goes immediately to my face. Then when my plate is totally clean I have this oh-nooooooo moment and realize what I’ve done. So I’m working on it. This post is a mix of my own photos and ones I had to borrow.

Now let’s break it down.


STOP 1: a.k.a. Friscos

Really casual place in Frederick, MD that we visited on our way down to Bmore. Chose it for the beer selection, but the food did not disappoint! The menu board was HUGE. Lots of words. Everything named after San Francisco spots too. I’m such a sucker. 

Thankfully, when there is food involved, my patience is basically zero so I managed to choose a Glen Park sandwich. I really love sandwiches. NEVER make them at home, but really enjoy a good sandwich when I go out for breakfast or lunch. (Breakfast sandwiches – so good too!) But this one was a really tasty, classic Italian sub. CFBF had a BBQ beef sandwich and exploded potatoes, which was also awesome. Thumbs up to Friscos.


(photos: 1/2)

STOP 2: Ryleigh’s Oyster

CFBF and I found our happy place at this brewpub style restaurant in Federal Hill – really cool neighborhood full of bars and shops and a public market. We got seats at the bar, had some beer and oyster shooters and shared a few EXCELLENT seafood appetizers. I was a happy camper. We actually had to ask the bartender for some recommendations because otherwise we would have ordered 10 things.

We learned pretty quickly that almost every Baltimore seafood restaurant serves an amazing dish called crab pretzels. They’re soft pretzels loaded up with crabmeat and cheese. Unbeatable bar food.


We also tasted the fried oyster tacos and grilled octopus. All yum, but the pretzels win.

 IMG_2608 IMG_2609

STOP 3: Marble Slab Creamery

ICE CREAM CONE. Unphoto’d, for obvious reasons. After beer, my #1 vacation priority. Chose some kind of chocolate cake batter flavor. No complaints.

STOP 4: Farmer’s Market for Breakfast

Every Sunday morning, there is a huge public farmer’s market in Baltimore really nice and close to our hotel in the Inner Harbor. It was perfect for breakfast. I knew I definitely wanted donuts for breakfast one morning of this trip, and we found an AMAZING stand selling donuts fresh out of the fryer: Migue’s Magnificent Mini Donuts. Yes, magnificent. We shared a bag and topped them with cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar. It was HEAVEN. So fresh and delicious and I could have eaten the entire 3-dozen count lovers box, easily.


I followed my donuts with some iced coffee and definitely should have stopped there. But instead I also had a peach and cheese crepe. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t need more food. I felt over-sugared and over-stuffed and gross. Bad move. Self-control around food stands isn’t a strength of mine yet. 

After CFBF found an omelet and some potatoes, we walked around the market a bit and sweated A LOT and then took a little time at the hotel for me to recover from my embarrassing double breakfast disaster before we embarked on our beer adventures for the rest of the afternoon.

Despite my mistakes, it was a great morning! The farmers market was massive. Tons and tons of amazing looking produce and meats and prepared foods to eat there too. I opted to not stand in the 5 mile line for Zeke’s coffee – but I’m sure it was delish. We even tasted some Old Bay flavored peanut butter! I obviously could NOT miss the nut butter stand – let’s be real. Homemade yogurt, lots of baked goods, and fresh fruits all looked so tasty.

(photos: 1/2/3)

STOP 5: Nick’s Oyster Bar

When we walked through the Federal Hill Cross Street Market on Saturday night, we passed through a sports bar style restaurant called Nick’s that was the perfect spot for Sunday lunch. Judging by the crowd the night before, it had to be good. 

Time for more seafood, for sure! I had a soft-shell crab sandwich and inhaled every bite, (even after the crepe mishap). I’m telling you – love me some sandwiches! CFBF went with an orange roughy sandwich that I was told did not disappoint.

SO MAD at myself for not taking a photo of my beautiful crab sandwich. It was a pretty one.

(photo: 1)

STOP 6: Riptide by the Bay

After beering all Sunday afternoon, we made our way to Fell’s Point for Sunday evening. LOVED this neighborhood. It reminded me a lot of Charleston, SC, and I am obsessed. Think I’ve mentioned that before The small brick roads right along the water were lined with restaurants, shops, and bars. All really small and historic-looking. Swoon.

We tried to hit Thames Street Oyster house for dinner, but our naïve (read: drunk) thought that we could get a table without a reservation was clearly off. So we popped into a Riptide, which was just a couple spots down on Thames Street and both agreed it was more our style anyway. Really casual, seats at the bar, super friendly bartenders, good eats, and music.

Surprise, surprise. I had another crab sandwich for dinner. Sort of. I ordered the crab cake sandwich, but just ate the crab cake part. Every. Damn. Bite. Listen, it is not easy or cheap to find fresh crab in Pittsburgh. I had to get it everywhere I could while we were at the coast!

(photo: 1)

STOP 7: Kilwin’s

Another MASSIVE ice cream cone. I couldn’t decide between flavors, so I got both the Pecan Praline (OMG) and the Toasted Coconut (OMGx3). This resulted in what I estimated to be a pint of ice cream in a waffle cone. CFBF had a single scoop. I called him out for his pussy shit and polished off every bit of mine. I did not feel well after that. 

Sunday, August 31: The day Emily ate herself to sickness TWICE! (I’m not proud of it.)

STOP 8: Miss Shirley’s Cafe

After hearing great reviews of Shirley’s breakfast, we made it our last stop of the trip for Labor Day brunch on our way out of Baltimore. The menu at this place is out of this world. I would have loved to try at least 10 different things. I can proudly say that we did not eat the entire menu and I exercised some self-control here. That being said, it was still DELISH. Definitely a must-do for anybody visiting.

We started with the jalapeno cornbread appetizer. Then I orders the Bayou Omelet which was stuffed with shrimp and sausage – had to get in that last seafood fix! CFBF had the most incredible coconut cream stuffed French toast. Sweet breakfast like that is totally out of character for him, but I am not complaining. I happily had a few bites for dessert. That thing was GOOOOOD.

IMG_2627 IMG_2628 IMG_2629


To wrap it up, clearly eating and drinking our way around Baltimore for Labor Day weekend was a blast. In case you missed it, by beer recap is here. Even with a few regrettable choices, I’ve recovered from my sugar bender about a week later. Time to do it again?


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