(Another) BUSY WEEK. Let’s talk about it.



Monday 9.1

  • 6 mile morning run in Baltimore on our last day. It. was. HOT. I had consumed a lot of beer the day before. And it was still vacation in my mind, so I stopped a few times for some photos to prove I was actually there. Explored Federal Hill and Fell’s Point a little bit more. Gorgeous day. Tough few miles.

Tuesday 9.2

  • 4 mile Fartlek run before an early morning at work.

Wednesday 9.3

  • Morning: Crossfit class
    • WOD 1, 7 rounds:
      1:00 AMRAP: 2 wall walks + 6 TTB
      1:30 rest
      I got through 1 full round + 2 walk walks in each minute.
    • WOD 2, 7 rounds:
      2 MU or 2 CTB + 2 push-ups
      6 Box Jumps @ 24/20
      I scaled to regular pull-ups and got through 2 full rounds each minute.
  • Evening: Club Cycle class with Sam & Sangam (recap coming soon!)

Thursday 9.4

  • Crossfit in the morning. Workout looked like this:
    • 6 rounds: 3 back squats, tempo 5000 @ 80% of 1RM followed by 20 Russian twists
      I used 125#
    • WOD, AMRAP 8:
      6 KB swings @ 70/53#
      8 reverse lunges @ 45% 1RM back squat
      10 lateral jumps over 2 side by side plates
      I used a 44# KB for full American style KB swings for the first time ever. YES! Shit was heavy.
      This whole class was a serious leg smoker. Squats + lunges and I was DONE.
  • Moved Trail Run Tuesday to Thursday again. Did another 6 miles with Cass. It was a really nice night, but HOT. Not many hot and steamy runs left, so I’ll take it.

Friday 9.5

  • Easy 6 mile run. Knew I was in for a beast with Saturday’s Crossfit class, so easy run was perfect.

Saturday 9.6

  • 5K GONE BAD at Crossfit Shadyside. This thing deserves its own post.

Sunday 9.7

  • Another beautiful Sunday rest day. Didn’t even stretch or work on mobility. Oops. September goal is a work in progress.

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