For Labor Day weekend, CFBF and I took a quick trip to Baltimore for a fun getaway. We had a GREAT weekend, but… the only activities we had planned were 1) drink beer and 2) eat. And we did A LOT of both. There was a little bit of walking around and sight-seeing, but really just mostly brews and eats.


Let’s recap the beers first. This list is a little bit embarrassingly long. Do NOT judge, people.

STOP 1: a.k.a. Friscos

We stopped in Frederick, MD on our way down on Saturday afternoon for lunch at a.k.a. Friscos because I had heard from a Team Beer running friend that they carry all the Flying Dog beers. Turns out, there is only one on draft (of four taps), but they have a cooler where they have most of the bottles. I chose the Double Dog Imperial/Double IPA, and it was GOOD. I was so ready for a drink by lunchtime on Saturday. Delicious after a morning in the car.

We also spent a few minutes browsing the beer store before getting back in the car. I COULD NOT HANDLE this Pussy Pilot Parade IPA. Didn’t take one with me (totally didn’t need it), but I had to grab a photo. SO GREAT!

IMG_2602 IMG_2603

DRIVEBY: Flying Dog Brewery

Let me just say that Flying Dog is making a BIIIIIG mistake. They have a really cool taproom, but don’t let anybody use it unless you do a tour! The hostess tried to explain the laws to us – something about organized events and blah blah blah. Stupid. They’re missing out on some serious business. Flying Dog beers are delish! They should rethink that.


STOP 2: Union Craft Brewing

Before we checked into the Hotel, we stopped by Union Craft because we wanted to squeeze this stop in before they closed. Really cool place! Pretty standard brewery characteristics: warehouse/garage space, eclectically decorated bar area, outdoor picnic tables and barstools, food truck, dogs. Don’t hate it. Plenty of beer options too! CFBF and I shared a Royal Farmhouse Double IPA and a Blackwing Black Lager. Both really great. Definitely recommend a stop here if you’re in B’more.


STOP 4: Ryleigh’s Oyster

Came here mostly for the food, but naturally sat at the bar had a beer with dinner. Tried another Flying Dog, the Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale. Really light and mild. Highlight was the oyster shooter. CFBF and I each did our first oyster shooters ever when we were in Charleston in June. It’s a weird concept, but just so fun. Couldn’t resist another one on our next mini vacation. These ones were SPICY! Holy man. My mouth was burning for quite some time. Not messing around. (They were very large. And photograph quite terribly.)


STOP 5: Alewife

Yelp lead us here when we searched “beer”. It did not disappoint. HUGE draft list. Look at that thing!! Not surprisingly, it took me for-ev-er. Bartender stopped by several times before I could commit. There were actually a few beers on my wish list at this place. I went with Green Flash Road Warrior Imperial/Double IPA. CFBF did Firestone Walker Double Jack, also an Imperial/Double IPA. We’re predictable. 2 wish list beers: check and check. 


STOP 6: DuClaw Brewing

I was REALLY looking forward to this stop. I had tried a few awesome DuClaw beers before this visit, so I was real excited. They have a few different brewpub locations – none located at the actual brewery. We picked the Arundel Mills spot, because it was closest to the hotel and quickly learned this place was in suburban paradise. It was in an absolutely massive mall. There was a huge movie theater, a Costco, a casino. It. was. NUTS.

But back to the beer. They had 15 drafts. We tried them all. Not messin’. My favorites included: 31 Pumpkin Spiced Lager, Neon Gypsy IPA, Serum XX IPA, Sweet Baby Jesus!, and #1 in my eyes: Dirty Little Freak. SO GOOD. SOSOSO GOOD.



STOP 7: Heavy Seas

Got here. Walked up to the bar. Ordered one of each AGAIN. After this I was dead.

IMG_2615 IMG_2617


I’ll be honest. I haven’t had a beer since.

One last thing – where can I find one of these?



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