August is over. This makes me REAL sad. I hate hate hate to say goodbye to summertime. But a new month means a couple things. First, let’s check in on my August goal.


To recap, early in August I shared my goal for the month: stop being afraid of heavy weights and selling myself short when it comes to strength. Here’s how that went – I had some good days and some bad days. Sooooo I’m going to need to extend this one. I really want to continue to challenge myself with strength training and the weights I use in my weekly WODs.  I just hate the feeling of walking out of the gym and knowing that I could have gone harder. But sometimes I just look at that whiteboard and get a little scared and take it easy. NO MORE OF THAT.



  • Using 55# for Nancy
  • PR in the Brookline Breeze 5k
  • Using a 44# KB for the first time (Still haven’t found the guts to lift this one over my head – just Russian swings so far. I’m going to get there soon! I swear it.)
  • Pushed my 3 RM dead lift. Went until I could barely lift the bar anymore. That’s the way to do it!




So I’m going to keep working on it. Always working harder. Have to earn those beers!

September goal coming later this week.


5 thoughts on “AUGUST GOAL CHECK-IN

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