BUSY WEEK. Let’s talk about it.


Monday 8.25

  • 5 mile Fartlek run. I like to alternate sprint & easy pace blocks on my Monday morning runs sometimes. They’re usually shorter, so I like to make sure I get some good work in.

Tuesday 8.26

  • Crossfit class:
    • 10 min: clean pull + shrug x5
      I worked up to 65#
    • 8 min: 15 seconds burpees followed by 50′ broad jumps for speed
      This was actually a lot of fun!
    • WOD, 3 RFT:
      15 Hang power cleans @ 45% of 1RM C&J
      15 TTB
      I used 65# for the cleans (a little heavier than prescribed) so I was slow, but it didn’t kill me.

Wednesday 8.27

  • 8 mile run. Really nice morning (and the Crossfit Shadyside workout looked ROUGH). Happy camper.

Thursday 8.28

  • Crossfit in the morning. Workout looked like this:
    • 6 rounds: 3 back squats @ 80% of 1RM followed by 20 landmine rotations
      I used 125#
    • WOD, 3 RFT:
      60 DU
      40 Russian KB swings @ 70/53#
      20 sit-ups

      I slacked here – used a 35# KB. Should have gone up in weight. Did the EXACT opposite of my August goal.

  • Moved last week’s Trail Run Tuesday to Thursday instead. Did 6 miles with Cass. Changed up the route this week – it was great! First great evening run in a loooong time.

Friday 8.29

  • Crossfit again:
    • 5 rounds: 5 deadlifts @ 75% of 1RM
      I started at 155#, got through 3 and started to round my back, dropped to 135#
    • WOD:
      4 stations, 4 min each:
      Max effort row
      30 sec ring row, 30 sec rest
      30 sec pushups, 30 sec rest
      Pull-ups, hold at top, slow descent

Saturday 8.30

  • 10 mile solo run before hitting the road for Baltimore. Not as fun as with the group, but did it anyway.

Sunday 8.31

  • Vacation rest day. So great.

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