Ahh much better week in the running world for this girl. Let’s talk about it.

Monday 8.18

  • 6 mile run. Didn’t have to be into work quite so early this Monday, so took advantage of it.

Tuesday 8.19

  • Crossfit in the morning. Workout looked like this:
    • 10 min warmup: 10 KB deadlifts, 50′ overhead KB carry, 10 strict presses (with the bar)
    • 3 min EMOM: 7 clean & jerks @ 135/95#
      I used 55#, which is about 50-55% of my 1RM.
    • AMRAP 12 (for quality)
      8 bent over rows, reverse grip, increasing #
      20 hollow body rocks
      15 hip extensions/reverse hyper extensions (on the machine)
      10 I-Y-Ts with a band
      I’m terrible in the hollow body hold, so instead of rocks I worked on holding for 30sec at a time.
    • WOD:
      Buy in: 30 ring dips
      4 RFT:
      10 clapping pushups
      20 Russian KB swings @ 70/53
      10 TTB
      I scaled quite a bit here: band for the dips, pushups from my knees, and 44# for the KB. This one BURNED. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do pushups right after ring dips. Not fun.
  • Then Trail Run Tuesday (#TRT) with Cass and Les after work. Muscled through 6 slow hot miles. The usual for Tuesday evenings.

Wednesday 8.20

  • Crossfit in the morning. This is what we did:
    • 10 min warmup: 10 RDLs, 20 sec L-sit, 20 wood chips (with a plate)
    • 12 minutes to find 3 RM deadlift (I got 175#)
    • 8 min AMRAP:
      5 front squats @ 185/135# (I used 75#, about 75% of my 1RM C&J)
      15 box jumps, 30/24

Thursday 8.21

  • 8 mile run. Probably a nice progression run, because I did 4 miles out and back – all uphill one way, downhill home. <- a cheater’s method for progression runs. 😉

Friday 8.22

  • Crossfit class. Not fun AT ALL.
    • 10 min warmup: 30 sec squats facing the wall, 10 Bulgarian split squats each leg, 10 RDLs
    • 9 min max alternating lunges @ 95/65#
      1:00 AMRAP, 2:oo rest
    • 10 min max Russian KB swings@ 53/36#
      1:00 AMRAP, 1:00 rest
    • 9 min max alternating pistols
      1:00 AMRAP, :30 rest
      This was so boring. And it’s 2 days later and I still can’t walk normally. I averaged 18-20 lunges, 30-35 KB swings, and scaled the pistols by standing on the box and got 12-16 each round.

Saturday 8.23

  • Showed up for a 10-12 mile run with SCRR. It was HUMID. SO HUMID. And my legs were sore. And I’m not training for anything. Soooooo Brittany and I did 5 and called it a day. Don’t hate it.


Sunday 8.24

  • Glorious REST DAY! Ate a chocolate muffin for breakfast. Got an iced coffee. Hobbled around because my quads and butt are still KILLING ME.

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