There isn’t a better Saturday afternoon than drinking beer with BFFs. Earlier this month, CFBF and I dragged Jeff and Sangam (known affectionately as Jengam) around to a few local places we had not yet visited. Great success. Here’s the deets.


First Stop: All Saints Brewing in Greensburg

Favorite Beer: Voodoo’s Child, Dunkel


We strategically planned for the first stop of the day to be the only brewery of the three to have a brewpub where you could buy beers by the glass. (Post on brewery visit tips coming soon!) Not surprisingly, we opted to taste THEM ALL. CFBF and I shared a flight. Also shared the same favorite: the Dunkel. Most of the beer here was just OK. Nothing super impressive. But they gave us beers and fed us free popcorn so I won’t complain.


Next Stop: Four Seasons Brewing, Latrobe

Favorite Beer: High Hopes, IPA


Top stop of the day (excluding the food, but that’s a different discussion). Really impressed by this place! I had tried the Local Pale Ale at Independent Brewing Company once before, and the Dark Side of the Pint Stout at the Ligonier Country Inn and liked them both. They had 4 beers on tap this day – the two above along with an IPA (so good!) and a Kolsch. All really delish. Sampled them all, and landed on the IPA and the APA to take home for dinner. Also did some hula hooping and table tennis.


Last Stop: Helltown Brewing, Mt. Pleasant

Favorite Beer: Hop Frenzy, IPA

In hindsight, it’s a really good thing we stopped at Helltown last. It is honestly just three taps in the wall of a garage – a little questionable. The photo above is from Yelp, HA! But by this point, we were buzzed and happy and just thought it was so great. All three beers were yum. Filled up a growler here to take to dinner too.


Highlight of the Day: Gaucho Parrilla Argentina in the Strip for Dinner

10346196_10202334544512732_4437113925954876606_n IMG_2498 IMG_2496

This place is OUT OF THIS WORLD. It had been on my list for a while and BYOB – perfect for beer day! CFBF and I split the Parrillada Mixta (which is a sampler plate of pulled chicken, chorizo and NY strip steak) and each had an ear of grilled corn. INCREDIBLE. I can’t hype it up enough. I could eat there every day, forever, and be happy. No corkage fee and about a million things on the menu that I still want to taste. GO TRY IT!!!


After that, we came home and watched some Drunk History (favorite show of the Summer). Then promptly went to bed before 9pm. Great success.



3 thoughts on “A BEER SATURDAY

  1. I need to go to gaucho ASAP!!! Ahh it looks AMAZING. I also still haven’t watched drunk history… I need to get on that. I asked Dad about it and he didn’t think it was funny, but we have different tastes when it comes to TV (he likes Family Guy, ew).


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