Happy Thursday. One. Day. Left.

Here is a fun roundup of my favorite eats lately, both recipes I made at home and awesome things other people cooked for me.

Lunch This Week: PaleOMG’s Fully Loaded Citrus Marinated Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  • These things are GOOD. I’ve repeated this recipe. I don’t take that lightly. So you should probably try it.
  • There is bacon. Can’t go wrong.
  • Also, I know the Sir Kensington’s mayo is something like $5 for a little jar, but it is SO DELISH. Really. I’d do again.

Not my own photo. I stole this. Food photography is on my to-do list.


GNO (that’s girls’ night out, duh): Kaleidoscope Cafe for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week

  • This place is a winner. Please don’t follow the CFBF philosophy that all restaurants with “cafe” in the name are girly and only serve kale salads and spa teas.
  • I would for sure eat here again, even without the awesome $20.14 PRW special. I would also likely order the exact same entree. All my favorite things in one place: coconut + curry + polenta + shrimp + sausage + pineapple!!!
  • BYOB. Do not. Forget. The wine. Cheers!

IMG_2548 IMG_2550


Saturday Lunch in the SUN: Edgar’s Tacos in the Strip

  • People in Pittsburgh worship these tacos. They are awesome. You WILL have to elbow a child out of the way for a table.
  • Met a middle-aged couple who wanted to talk to us about these tacos extensively. They cater, I learned, but only for groups 25+. Noted.
  • Shrimp was OK. Chorizo was better. Should have stuck with my first true love, carnitas. Next time. Crab empanada? BOMB.



Saturday Diet Disaster: Chick-fil-A “Icedream” Cone + Costco Churro

  • Icedream is not ice cream. No. Never again.
  • Costco churro speaks for itself. This is a trashy snack $1 bar food that I would ABSOLUTELY do again. (Plus it doesn’t count when CFBF buys it and I eat half of it “one more bite” at a time.)


OK, let’s hear it. Best thing you ate this week?


2 thoughts on “EATS LATELY

  1. Best thing I ate all week was my fish tacos, hands down. Runner up was polenta that I put zucchini and squash on to pretend to be healthy. But honestly? The best thing I eat six times a day is nut butter. Addiction isn’t a strong enough word.



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