Last week I was just not. having. it. with my runs. They were OK. It was all just OK. I know this stuff happens and I’ll get back into it soon enough, but bed just sounded 500x better than running all week long. Anybody else?

Monday 8.11

  • 4 mile run. Terrible 4 miles. I was dragging. Oh Mondays.

Tuesday 8.12

  • Crossfit in the morning. Workout looked like this:
    • 10 min warmup: 10 KB deadlifts, 50′ overhead KB carry, 10 strict presses (with the bar)
    • 5 min EMOM: 7 clean & jerks
      I used 55#, which is about 50-55% of my 1RM. Tomorrow we’re supposed to 3 min EMOM, 10 reps. We’ll see about that…
    • WOD: 5 RFT
      5 HSPU
      5 MU (I scaled to burpee pull-ups)
      50 DUs
      Cash out: 50 WBs
      Don’t remember my time on this – maybe around 15-16:00?
  • Then Trail Run Tuesday (#TRT) with Cass after work. Terrible 6 miles. It really doesn’t get any better through the rest of the week. What. Eva.

Wednesday 8.13

  • Crossfit in the morning. This is what we did:
    • 10 min warmup: 15 hip extensions or reverse hypers, 20 sec L-sit, 20 wood chips (with a plate)
    • 10 min AMRAP:
      6 deadlifts (I used 105#, about 50% of my 1RM)
      8 V-ups
      10 alternating lunges
    • 12 minutes to find a max effort sled push, followed by a suicide sprint (I worked up to around 350#)

Thursday 8.14

  • Grouchy 6 mile run. This time I stopped halfway down the stairs totally dressed to run and considered turning around to go back to bed. Then I stopped at 1 mile and thought about turning around. Then did the same at mile 2. Then finally finished the damn thing. Also decided to take a rest day on Sunday during this run. That got me through the rest of the week. I swear it.

Friday 8.15

  • Crossfit class went like this:
    • 10 min warmup: 30 sec squats facing the wall, 10 Bulgarian split squats each leg, 10 RDLs
    • WOD: 3 RFT
      800 meter run
      15 KB swings (36#)
      20 ball slams (14#)
      800 meter run
      15 box jumps (20′)
      20 ball slams (14#)
      I finished this one in 37:37. Running is (usually) my jam, so by the second run I was finally warmed up and got through the runs pretty quickly.

Saturday 8.16

  • 10 mile run at the Panhandle Trail with SCRR. Bad attitude + bad running week meant I was just trying to get through this one. Visualizing breakfast and Sunday’s rest day did the trick. Plus some quality girl talk time with Lesley. I just get SO BORED running on trails. How do people like that? It all looks the same!


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