I know myself. I HAVE to set goals to light a fire under my ass to accomplish anything. So when it comes to fitness and my workouts, goals are a must have. When I started Crossfit, I was setting PRs and building new skills almost every single week. I’m still accomplishing a lot at a really quick rate, which is awesome and makes me feel great, but I still need a push to get me going.


I set two New Years resolutions this year.

  1. Do a pull-up  This one I crossed off some time around April I believe. I’m up to 4 unbroken now. I know, you’re impressed.
  2. Run 1,000 miles. Haven’t hit this one yet, but I am well on my way. At the end of July I had already passed 660.


But aside from those, I also like to set short term goals, just to keep things from getting boring. Which brings me to my big, shiny, exciting August goal: stop being afraid of heavy weights and selling myself short when it comes to strength. (what a mouthful!)


After leaving a Crossfit class one morning last week, I felt like I definitely took it a little too easy. The clean & jerks were cake and I pretty much breezed through the WOD. Not OK – I live for sore muscles. So that morning I decided that for the rest of August I was really going to challenge myself with weight. On days where we max out lifts, I’m going to shoot big and add on weight until I fail. (I have a tendency to under-estimate myself and run out of time before I really hit my max.) For WODs where I would normally try to stick to a weight that was comfortably uncomfortable, I will add on just enough weight to make me a little nervous. During AMRAPs where I like to keep a steady consistent pace, I want to go just hard enough that I’m sucking wind a little bit more.


I’m off to a good start! One morning last week, part of our WOD was Nancy. Thank God CFBF was there –  he made me do 55# for the OH squats, which I FOR SURE would not have done otherwise. And guess what! It was perfect. I was challenged, but got through it. And I left damn proud of myself. That’s the feeling I miss when I take it easy.


So hopefully some good workouts to come this month. I’ll be sure to share my favorites! If nothing else, I can at least talk about how my legs were sore for days at a time. Pretty typical.


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