Hellooooooo! CFGF, the blog, goes live!

I’m here to share ALL my favorite things: workouts, beer, food, and all the wild experiences I get myself into when I start combining my aforementioned favorite things.

IMG_1300 IMG_2490 IMG_1454


I’m a runner, Crossfitter, and exercise junkie. Not a professional – just do it because I love it. I’ve tried triathlons, used to call myself a yogi, and can’t deny that I had a Paula Abdul exercise DVD in high school. Not many things feel better than hitting a PR, and I can’t wait to share all mine that have yet to come.



LOVE it! I could drink IPAs all day until the day that I die. I’m obsessed with finding and trying new brews. I have a beer wish list, really. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts on all things beer. Do NOT judge the volume I consume, please and thank you, because that list of breweries I’ve visited is gonna keep on grown’.



Not much more to say here. Love to cook it, eat it, talk about it, watch it on TV. PB is my #1 for eva.



Love ’em both. One comes along with me for most of my adventures, while the other stays at home and destroys my apartment.

IMG_2406 IMG_2275

Can’t wait to make my blogging debut! More wonderfully exciting things to come!



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